Classroom Rules

LISTEN And Follow Directions

RAISE YOUR HAND Before Speaking or Leaving Your Seat

RESPECT Your Classmates, Teacher and Surroundings

FOLLOW ALL the Posted, Shop and School Rules

After Morning Announcement

  • Check for daily goals on the classroom Smart Board and also on the classwork website (click here for Freshmen and click here for Sophomores.
  • Read the morning question and research the answer. Be ready to discuss after breakfast.

When the Teacher is Talking

  • When  the instructor (or any other teacher/administrator) is talking, you will need to be quiet.
  • If you have a question, raise your hand, and please, try not to interrupt,

When You Finish an Assignment Early or Are Waiting for Help

  • Sit quietly at your desk.
    • Check the daily "Featured Site" or any of the approved sites to visit. 
    • Check Google Classroom to see if there is any regular or  Extended Activity that you have not completed. 
    • You are free to read a library book or complete other English or Math homework, only after finishing all work. 

If There is Something You Would Like to Discuss With Me 

  • I will be happy to discuss the issue with you privately or after school.
  • We will not take class time to discuss the issue.

If I Can’t Read It, It’s Wrong!

  • Please write carefully and legibly. Sometimes the difference between a right answer and a wrong answer is the difference between an “1” and an “l” or "!".

No Cheating! 

  • ACADEMIC DISHONESTY and CHEATING will receive a zero and a phone call home. Both the student who shares his work for an independent assignment and the person who copies it will suffer the same consequences. Students should do their own work and make sure no one can copy it.

Late Work. The Harder You Work, the Better Your Grade!

  • Turn your work in ON TIME! All missing work in the grade book will be given a zero until the work is turned in. Students who want those zeroes replaced with scores will need to do the work before the marking period ends.
  • Penalty for unexcused late work is -10 points a day. 

Be here! But What if I Am Absent?   Your presence in class is very important!

  • After an EXCUSED absence—you have TWO days to turn in your work without penalty! Be aware, these days go by quickly.  Don’t wait because after two days, you will lose -10 points per day.
  • I will not be following you around to remind you. You need to see me and then let me know it was completed.
  • Make-up work for EXCUSED absences may be completed with me before school or after school, or on your own time. If you work with me, you have my assistance!

Bathroom Pass

  • You must let the instructor know when you have to go to the bathroom. Take the pass by the door when leaving the classroom. Only ONE student can be absent from the classroom at a time to use the bathroom.  If the pass is gone, wait for it.  Be cautious and careful about leaving the room. Go to the bathroom before a quiz or exam! If a student is gone beyond a reasonable time, they will be reported to the office as missing.

Your Computer

  • Being responsible:
    • The computer you have in your assigned seat will be the one you will be using for the rest of the year. PLEASE TAKE GOOD CARE OF IT!
    • You are responsible for your assigned computer, so please treat your computer with respect.
    • Our computers have dual monitors. Both of your screens should remain visible to instructor at all times. 
  • It is fine to change the desktop background on your computer. 
  • File Management on your desktop with a  documents folder/folders is a great idea. You should  create a folder on the desktop with your name (right click on the desktop and go to New, and then Folder), you will put all of your class work in this folder.
    • Remember, to also back up all your work to your personal space on the P: drive.

CELL PHONES are not allowed during regular class time!

  • Please put your cellphones away during class time. 


  • Before you leave for the day, each student should remembert to:
    • Put away all materials including textbooks  
    • Cean up any trash under or around your desk
    • Log off your computer OR turn off your monitors
    • Push in chair
    • Wait quietly until the bell rings 
  • “Have a great day!”

Remember to be well-mannered!

Do not say or do anything that might make another person feel uncomfortable!

I want all my students to be comfortable in the classroom!

I teach my students, but they also teach me new things too!

Let's get ready to learn together and have an amazing school year!