Hello my name Dean. I am 15 years old and I'm studying Computer Science in Bullard Haven's IST class and this is my Projects Portfolio.

NSNY Website Revamp



This is a website I designed for a client. The original wasn't optimized for mobile devices, and was severely outdated.

Personal Websites

My first website

My latest personal website

These are websites I've made at different points in time, one is my first website which isn't mobile optimized and uses only html with no css. The second is my modern personal website.

Ready Maker Games

This is a game that duplicates the skater multiple times to the point of lagging your computer. Yes this was what I was supposed to do, it's not broken.

This is a buggy yet somewhat fun game about a chicken who needs to collect enough coins which spawn a boss that you need to fight in order to win.

Unity Games

Unity Game Development

This is a game I made in unity and the objective is to collect all of the aliens.