Welcome to my page, People

Random things about me


  • I was born and raise in Bridgeport
  • I grow up in a home filled with rich culture
  • I love reading and watching Anime and Manga
  • I'm 16 soon to be 17 in four months
  • I'm a mix between novice + intermediate animator

This a gallery of my personal home projects. I will try to post daily or any chance that I get.

I use both MMD or MikuMiku Danace or Pmx. For my character design. I also use Divergent art to get the base models, clothes, pose, motions and etc.

This was one of my models. Her name is

Hyacinthum Papilionem. I usually call her Hyca for short.


Another character  name Huntress Blood. And no she isn't edgy.


One of my more calmer and well kept oc Kohana Daku


One of my more lets do something crazy characters Kaiya Daku. And yes, both Kohana and Kaiya are related. They are cousins.

My School projects, where I will try to post either daily or weekly.


This is one of my early works on building a website. Its still being remodeled to fit my current abilities.

One of my latest works. Its much cleaner and well done compared to the first one.

Annotation 2019-04-10 10314

This is one first but different not last video game that I'm working on. I trying to make it as best as it can be. So expects many bugs or glitches.