Welcome to my Projects Portfolio

This page shows what I've been working on so far in class.

Next Stop NY!


For this project, we had to create and improve on a site for a client. The site was origninally pretty outdated so I improved it to give it a much more cleaner and modern look.



This was the original Next Stop NY! site.

As you can see it looked pretty outdated.

Personal Site


This is my own personal site.

It has a link to my resume and a link to my projects portfolio, which is this site.

Ready Maker

For this project, we used Ready Maker which is an application that allows you to create your own games. The purpose of this game is to collect a specific number of coins while avoiding asteroids. Once the number of coins is collected, then a boss will appear in which you have to battle.

This was another game I created on ready maker where you have to guide the purple circle through the maze to get the star and bring it back to the white circle.



We also created another game using Unity. The purpose of this game is to avoid and destroy the asteroids and collect the aliens.

Virtual Reality


Here is yet another project we worked on. Here we had to create something for VR and test if it worked.

Earlier Sites


This is one of the earlier sites that I worked on. It isn't really that impressive but it helped me understand a bit more about websites and how to code them.


Here is another site I worked on back then. It's nothing special but it helped introduce me to some things I use now in my more current sites.


Now this was my first site. Just by looking at it, you can tell how bad it is.